Thursday, February 17, 2005


this week wasn't as interesting as the last one, but it was still great. i missed the first five minutes...syd and vaughn r going to meet with a top Covenant official, Leonid Lisenker, who'll betray the Covenant in north korea. then there was lauren in a car receiving instructions from a guy from the Covenant, he needed the name of the airport syd and vaugh were taken off, she hesistated but agreed to search for it. back in the cia lauren looks around vaughn's stuff and vaughn caught her and said in an angry tone: "WHAT R U DOING?" lauren was speechless but then he added: "inviting sydney to dinner", then she said: "i'm starting to like her", they kiss (stupid vaughn, well he doesn't know who she is, but still, he should be kissing syd!!!) lauren tries to take him to the airport but he says he'll go alone. the covenant poisons the pilots...on the plane syd tries to have a conversation with vaughn but he seemed determined in not wanting to talk to her (this is sad -n- annoying, trust me) so syd said that this wasn't working -n- that they could no longer work together...just then they felt something weird, they checked the pilots, and they were both dead. so syd took the pilot's seat and avoids two missiles, she had to turn off the engines so the plane went down...lluckily they survived and had 8 hours to go to the meeting. they found a jeep, and syd admits she slept with will, vaughn says: "how am i supposed to react?" and she answered :"however u want"...and adds she's moving on with her life jack asks irina for help, and she tells him to wait in syd's appartment at 8 o'clock (i'm not sure, maybe it was 7 o'clock), then sloane calls jack offering help, jack answers he'll call him if he needs to. one of irina's sisters, katya, sows up in syd's apparment and offers to help, under one condition: murdering sloane jack and katya go to a restaurant to see the owner, mr. cho, who owes katya, since he declines, she stabs his hands -n- makes him contact mr kwan. syd -n- vauhgn get on time to meet the lisenker. syd sees sark who tells lisenker he's a cia agent. syd tries to attack sark but she,vaughn -n- lisenker r caught. jack enters sloane's office ready to kill him. just before he enters the office, katya calls sloane -n- tells him to back off irina, that he's not protected by his friends including the one he was about to meet -n- that his life is a favor from her. then she calls jack and tells him to abort. sloane finds it weird that jack went all the way to zurich just to tell him he already has a help to rescue syd. vaughn admits that he pushed away syd on purpose, and she whispers in his ear that they will always find each other. they kiss passionately (yeahy!!!!) before someone takes them outside where there's a line of soldiers ready to kill them. a soldier, mr. kwan, kills the others. they rescue the lisenker and escape. they get back to the cia, and syd sees vaughn running towards lauren. jack tells katya he knows he did that to destroy the trust jack was trying to get from jack for four months...then katya kisses him and says it was from irina...then she kissed him again more passionatedly and answeres he asks too many questions when jack asked whom that was from.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


4 the ones that don't know, i'm a huge fan of alias, especially michael, hehehe
so, i'm going to write about it every week, hope u don't mind...
this week's episode was awesome, maybe it's the best one i've seen...first we get to know what happened to sydney in those two mysterious years...we've been wanting to know this 4 soooo long...i can't believe kendall knew all about it, well, in a second thought, i do, hehe...looking at the bright side: dixon has a taste of what sidney felt when she had to keep the truth from him in sd-6

i never thought what rambaldi wanted...the whole idea sounds gross, can't u imagine given birth to a child whose father lived 500 years ago??? euh!!!

i didn' t get what was sydney's plan (if someone did, please let me know), but it was very brave...we see a good thing about project christmas, it didn't allowed ther covenant to change sydney's mind...i can't believe lazarey was still alive, that was another clever move of sydney...once again the cia did their job...

then lazarey got shot, he went to the hospital, -n- then........the most amazing thing happened!!!! lauren killed lazarey!!! i know this sounds mean, -n- that i shouldn't b happy about it, but this means that she is evil!!! -n- that vaugh will find out sooner or later, and they will get divorced!!! -n- live happily ever after with sydney, yeahy!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Guy

hehehe, he's no more "that boy" now he's "The Guy", hehehe, i'm nuts (like my friend, ana) but i dont care, haha
i hope he's ok with this, i mean, i'm going to write a lot about him, cuz this is the only way i can do it, i hope he understands...
at the beginning of 1st course i didnt know him at all, but some teacher changed our seats -n- we were next to each other, this is how it all bagan...

he was my best friend , we, well, at least i, had a greeaaat time during that time...i remember we used to make fun of the way people read in the science class, -n- we took turns to read so that we didnt have to listen to those horrible readers, hehe, it sounds a bit cruel, but that was about all the fun we had in science, hehe
i used to help him a bit in spanish, -n- sometimes he helped me in english. sometimes we raced in math, cuz although he didnt get the best scores, he really knows math, the thing is he didnt like to do the homework, hehe
our favorite teacher was mr billy, -n- although he didnt teach us in second course, he still is our favorite teacher, he's great!
we hated two other teachers but i guess i cant write their names here, hehe
we spend a lot of our time together, he was so great...

up till now everything seems fine, right?
i'll leave u with that impression 4 today, hehe, bye!!!

my 1st post!!!! yeahy!

hello everyone! this is my first post!!! -n- i dont know what 2 write, hehehe... i hate vacations!!! well, school isnt a blast either but al least there i spend some time with my friends :) anyway, i've nothing to do all day sounds cool but its also kind of boring :'( what else? oh! a friend of mine told me to write about this boy...but im not sure what to write about him...i'll figure it out...till then...hehe